About Us

About Us

At Declan Roe, our mission is to sponsor individual families looking to adopt or try IVF by promoting daily deals on a large variety of cute clothing. Providing financial benefit for these families is something that we truly believe in. For every product the consumer purchases, Declan Roe shares 15% of its profits with a family struggling to adopt or try IVF due to financial constraint. We believe that this is extremely important, and will allow for more families to fight against the rising costs of adoption and IVF.

A Message from the Founders



In early 2015, Makayla had her first of four miscarriages that would span over the next year and a half. After meeting with specialists, we discovered that we had a condition that causes 80% of our pregnancies to end in a miscarriage. As we looked into other options for starting our family, we were shocked that the average cost of IVF was $15,000 while adoption was $40,000. As a young couple still in college, the financial costs were so large they seemed insurmountable. To our surprise, our next pregnancy went full term, but from that time on we made a commitment to lessen the financial strain that other couples were facing from IVF and adoption. Thanks to you, Declan Roe is fulfilling that commitment.



In the Summer of 2015, I had the chance to go to Accra, Ghana where I volunteered in a local maternity clinic. While there, I heard many stories of mothers getting abortions in some of the most physically gruesome ways possible, simply because they did not have the financial means to take care of the child. I couldn't stop thinking about the financial disparity that forced some parents in Ghana to abort their kids, and prevented other parents, like my brother and his wife Makayla, from having kids. Since that time, I have dedicated myself to solving this "adoption problem." While Declan Roe may not change every person's world, for one person it will become their world. Thanks for making their, and our dream possible.



The Andrus Family